A Quarter Of A Million Americans Now Work In Legal Cannabis

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A Quarter Of A Million Americans Now Work In Legal Cannabis

Cannabis has become one of the quickest growing industries in the entire world. Particularly in the United States, California, Colorado, and Washington have become the top three out of ten leaders of the industry. If a quarter of a million residents of a country are being enticed by a single sector, there must be something extraordinary happening.

Job security is a significant selling factor for working in the legal cannabis business. There are a few other aspects that influence the decision to work in this sector as well. 

With the increasing popularity of both recreational and medical cannabis products, the job market is booming and expanding in ways that no other industry is. What makes working in the cannabis industry so unique? How is it different than working in a more traditional industry? Why are the jobs so secure in this sector?  

Let’s take a look at those questions and answer why so many Americans have decided to hop on board the legal cannabis train in the past few years. 

You Don’t Need Experience To Get Started 

With a quarter-million Americans working in the legal cannabis industry (according to Leafly), it is no surprise that you don't need any experience to get started. For example, you have the option to start out as a bud trimmer and can work your up to a bud cultivator. This will drastically grow your career, as well as your salary. You also have the chance to start out as a cashier, get a management promotion, and then open your very own dispensary.

As you can see, you don't need prior knowledge to level up in the cannabis industry. There are positions, of course, that do require some sort of experience or formal education. This would include more "traditional" sects of the industry, like finance, horticulture, and chemistry.  Other jobs, like a Compliance Director or Cannabis Growing Director, require specific training, independent of college-level education.  

Education level requirements will vary to ensure that qualified individuals can do product development and chemical testing. They need to always meet the strict regulations of the state.

Variety Of Jobs

With the varying degrees of education and experience required, ranging from none at all to very many years, a variety of jobs in the cannabis industry is necessary. This is appealing to many Americans, especially those with professional backgrounds such as legal or accounting. This opens the door for them to practice their career of choice, but in an industry, they wouldn't usually find work in. 

For others with a non-professional background, there are jobs like delivery driving, bud trimming, retail salesperson, and manufacturing that will better suit them. States and towns that allow cannabis delivery to open even more jobs. This work includes security and vehicle maintenance.

For technical backgrounds, the cannabis industry also opens opportunities. With the creation of delivery services, for example, will generally come with the design of an app. This needs to be carefully developed to ensure all the content and software are up to date with government regulations. This might include ensuring that the product descriptions have potency levels clearly listed for the buyer. 

With app creation comes the promotion of the app itself. This involves social media experts as well as marketing experts. Advertising is essential for a business to bud. So, it’s absolutely necessary to have people who can market your product and applications. 

With jobs like these being available, it makes it extremely convenient for those who prefer working remotely. And in turn, working remotely cuts costs for the cannabis business. 

Growing Salary Opportunities 

The salary varies widely for everyone in the cannabis industry and is based on which state you are operating in. The more prevalent cannabis is within a state, the more potential earnings you have. Also, as the popularity of cannabis increases in your state, so do the number of new jobs and types of jobs.

Legal cannabis consumption is exponentially growing, which means so are the salary opportunities for hundreds of thousands of Americans. With an unreliable economy, working in the legal cannabis sector provides some stability and peace of mind.

Unique Benefits 

Some companies end up moving out of state. This causes a lot of financial stress on employees who don't have the means or capabilities to move with the company. They are left lost, jobless, and disappointed that the security they thought they had never existed. 

In the cannabis industry, jobs can’t be moved out of state. Federal regulations are in place that strictly prohibit cannabis from crossing state lines. Cannabis is required to be grown and sold in the state that it will be consumed in. This is an added layer of job security for those Americans who have or are considering working in this sector.  

Another, more recent, benefit that was discovered about working in the cannabis industry is that it is an essential service. Since some people rely on marijuana for medical purposes, the cannabis industry is almost as touch as the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to job security, even during dark times and an impending recession.


250,000 Americans have flocked to the cannabis industry, and more are joining in every single day. The more job security diminishes in the U.S due to recent events, the more working in legal cannabis looks appealing to residents. 

With an extremely lenient education and experience requirements, working in the cannabis sector has never been easier for people of all ages and backgrounds. It gives people a chance to provide for themselves and their families financially. They won't have to worry about losing their jobs because of relocation since it is illegal to move cannabis-related jobs out of state.

The amazing opportunity to grow your salary beyond the normal salary you could expect at a traditional job is also a selling point that has bought the hearts of many Americans. As the country continues to allow more states to legally sell recreational and medical marijuana, the cannabis industry gains more and more employees.

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