How To Find A Job In The Cannabis Industry

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How To Find A Job In The Cannabis Industry

Getting a job you love in an industry you are passionate about is something that allows people the freedom to make their work feel like fun. As we see the cannabis industry start to take off and grow, there are more jobs than ever before that are allowing people to find jobs they love in a new and exciting industry.

As cannabis is just now taking off, the job market is full of positions waiting to be filled by the right talent. If you want to be that talent, we want to help guide you by showing you what offerings are out there for the future cannabis industry worker. 

The Growth of The Cannabis Industry 

Before getting into specific jobs within the cannabis industry, we need to understand the industry itself as a system. Cannabis is steadily growing in popularity and availability across the world, so the need for all aspects of business is increasing exponentially. This is great for people looking to work in the industry because there are now a wide array of great jobs waiting to be taken on.

With no signs of slowing down, new jobs in the cannabis industry seem to be popping up every day. Being ready to take on any job that comes your way will allow you to stand out as someone committed to helping this new industry grow and thrive like never before. 

Getting a Job In The Cannabis Industry 

Know Your Abilities 

Every company trying to grow in the cannabis industry is passionate about what they do and want employees who share the same energy. However, this does not mean that just wanting to get into the industry is enough to make you stand out as a candidate. 

You need to first understand your own personal abilities and skills that will help you add value to a company. Making sure companies know both your concrete skills and passion combined will help you back your passion with evidence and skills of how you will be a valuable asset to their team. 

Be Flexible 

Since the cannabis industry is just starting to come into existence, there are not yet any large and expansive companies looking to onboard hundreds of employees every week. Most cannabis companies have less than 50 employees and are just starting to get off the ground.

The small size of these companies means you need to be willing to be as flexible as possible so that you can get the position. If you are willing to work unconventional hours to help a company get going, you will reap the rewards when the company starts to make a name for itself. 

Embrace Changes 

In a similar sense to being flexible to how and when you work, being able to adapt to any number of changes will help you greatly in this industry. Cannabis is being legalized and having regulations put in place seemingly every other day. Because of the nature of this industry, you are likely going to learn tactics and rules that will be obsolete in a few months’ time. 

Being a person who embraces change and loves new challenges will serve you tremendously when looking to work in the cannabis industry. Taking your adaptability to companies and showing that new regulations or product overhauls won’t phase you negatively will show them that you are ready to embrace whatever is thrown your way. 

Apply, Apply, Apply

A very popular phrase used in the job market is that finding a job is in itself a full-time job. Despite how many great and valuable positions are available in the cannabis industry, none of them are a guarantee for anyone. Even simple starting positions can be competitive as the industry is something many people are passionate about getting involved with. 

Applying to as many jobs and positions that you can find will give you a better chance of getting a role that suits your needs and strengths. Even if it seems like overkill, applying to any job that even slightly seems in your ballpark will at least give you more options down the line if you are to get accepted in multiple places. 

Understand Your Roles

Since cannabis companies are still rather small, you are going to have a lot on your plate when starting out. You may sign up for one position and have your roles completely shifted within the first few weeks. Knowing what you are responsible for and how you can work to improve your position will allow you and your team to work together and accomplish tasks. 

When applying for jobs in the cannabis industry, many roles may just be created for the first time. Certain roles will require you to adapt and try new things that will only end up benefiting you in the future of the industry.

Have Marketable Skills 

Being able to market a product is one thing, but marketing yourself is a whole other skill to have at your disposal. Marketable skills are ones that you can put on a resume or application that will be able to serve you well nearly anywhere that you apply.

Marketable skills standalone from your passion for the industry as something that any company would want to have at their disposal. You can often find marketable skills for specific jobs under the very description that the application comes with. 

Prepare for the Future 

The last thing that needs to be at the back of your mind when applying to work in the cannabis industry is thinking of the future. Getting into a company is one thing but working for a company that looks like it has a bright future in the industry is another. 

You want to work for a company that is working as hard if not harder than you are so you can grow with them to create a meaningful business. Working with a business that looks to the future and adapts well will be your key to success in the industry. 

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