Thought Leader.
Cannabis Expert.

Matthew Morgan is one of the Nations Leading Cannabis experts and Entrepreneurial Moguls. His A class network and business consulting mind make Matt Morgan one of the Country's most sought after consultants and Investors. Cannabis Titans Of America.

Build It. Then, Build it Again.

A serial entrepreneur, Morgan has envisioned and operated some of the cannabis industry’s most illustrious brands and companies — emerging from the green rush with The Midas Touch.


The Journey

Hailing from Missoula, Montana, Morgan had plans of becoming an electrician (in between working shifts at the local RV dealership). As time passed, it was apparent that neither of these “jobs” would satisfy his entrepreneurial mind and desire to build something bigger than himself. So, he got into real estate, where he excelled until the recession put a halt to his business model. Shortly after, Morgan decided to combine his knowledge of farming — with a passion for being his own boss — and make his move in the new gold rush: cannabis.

On The Forefront. And On The Front Page

Early in his career, Morgan made a name for himself by taking risks and predicting the best moves to make in business. In doing so, he’s aligned himself with some of the most respected names and companies in the market. His opinions and insights have been sought by everyone from TV anchors to magazine editors, celebrities, and up-and-coming entrepreneurs.




Homegrown Hustlers

Meetings, Montana roots, and more . . . Catch a glimpse into Morgan’s daily routine and fast-paced lifestyle with his “Homegrown Hustlers” web series.